Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills (Official Video)

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Band Iron Maiden
Date 12/02/1982
Album The Number of the Beast
Description The song documents the colonization of the Americas, first by Europeans and then by Americans, from the perspective of a Cree Indian and American cavalryman. The opening verse is from the perspective of the Cree, describing his troubles as the European Americans “came across the sea”, bringing the Cree “pain and misery”. The second verse is from the perspective of a U.S. cavalry soldier, describing his involvement in the American Indian Wars, “chasing the redskins back to their holes”. The third verse is not from the perspective of any single individual, and harshly condemns the effects of American expansionism on Native Americans, resulting in the “[Americans] raping the women and wasting the men”, and “enslaving the young and destroying the old”.

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